Student Teaching - Week #2 : " Picture Day"

This week's experience as a student teacher was quite different from my first one. I was more comfortable with the children and the classroom routine than the first day. I felt that the children were comfortable with my presence and they were asking more questions and talking to me about their favorite TV show characters and what they did during the weekend.

(illustration made by me)
The children dressed up for picture day. The girls were beautiful, puffy dresses and skirts and the boys looked like mini-adults, and oh my they looked beautiful and were so eager to show us their outfits. The children were excited and curious about the setup for the pictures and were asking questions about what the photographer was doing and what the different equipment are used for, making it a learning experience for the children.
This week, I learned that not matter how small or simple the experience is, children can learn so much from it. As a future educator, I hope that I can provide learning experiences or my students. Experiences that can help them academically and personally as well. I'm glad that I get the opportunity to learn from teachers like Mrs. L, whom every day try in their best way to teach and give the opportunity for all students to learn at their own pace and learning style. Teaching is not an easy task but I believe and feel that it is the most rewarding job.

( From week 1 and 2, I have been only attending once a day on Mondays. But starting Week 3, I will be attending twice a week, I hope you enjoy this bits-and-pieces of my day as a Student Teacher )


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