Student Teaching Week # 10

Monday (Dec.5)
On Monday, we began the letter "C" with the kids. "Curly Caterpillar" was the story we read and then the children were asked to recall the words that began with "C" in the story. We also did a pre-assessment activity  in order to asses student's knowledge of the letter. At the end of the lesson I always like to count the words that we wrote down. The activity for today was to glue cottonball to a cut-out C.

Friday (Dec.9)
On Friday, I had my last observation. I prepared a lesson plan to conclude this week letter with a story and fine-motor skill activity. I created an anchor chart and short activity from the book as well.

I found this website in Pinterest of a homeschool mother and she recommended the book and had an activity using cookies but I decided to use the cookies for the children to cut and glue to make a "C". Instead of printing out the activity she had, I decided to just do a screenshot and created this page full of cookies. The kids really loved doing this, they thought it was real cookies lol.

This was a great lesson and my advisor loved it! I also received a passing grade for my student teaching !!! and I'm so happy. That also means that my time is coming to an end, sadly. My last day as a student teacher will be Monday(Dec.19) and I will be going to another school next semester to complete the second part of student teaching. 

P.S- If you are interested in the activity go and check out Preschool Alphabet, she has lots of great lessons and activities.


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