January Goals

Happy New Year everyone! I hope this year is filled with many blessings and love. 

I know that everyone is writing about their New Year's resolution but I thought I keep it simple and in a monthly base, because it's just easier that way. So, Here is my list of goals that I hope I get to accomplish for this month. Some of the goals are more long-term and will take a while but its good to start earlier than later.

Image result for clip art doodle arrowDo more volunteer work
I have always loved doing volunteering work and used to do it while I was in high school, but not so much anymore. I think that giving back to the community is always a great way to help out, get experiences, and grow. You get to meet so many people, all from a different path in life and it helps you see the world differently and from multiple perspectives.

It's Make a Difference Day-a day to get started on community service. Do what you can to make a difference where you can. If you already have-great!:
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Image result for clip art doodle arrowFind a job
As embarrassing as this might sound, I have never had a real job and this have had its disadvantage and advantage. The advantage, I have had the opportunity of focusing on my studies without worrying about financial duties and for this, I have been blessed with a family that has supported me in everything that I need it. The disadvantage is that I haven't had experience in a professional environment and its demands, and this I believe has only hurt me professionally and personally. Also, I need to become financially independent from my parents and begin to pay for my own necessities. 

Image result for clip art doodle arrow Exercise & Eat healthier
This is a constant battle for me and something that I need to urgently work on. It's not about been skinny but about been healthy and happy with myself and body. I believe that the way I look has affected me one way or another, as much as I dislike to admit but that's how it is. And by setting goals every month about my weight and eating habits, I will become a much happier and comfortable in my own body.
Image result for clip art doodle arrow Grow spiritually & mentally
What I mean by this to find who am I and to be comfortable with myself. 2016 was in one way or another a challenging year for me and a learning one as well. I want to get closer to God and learn how to love myself more, in order for me to love others because you can't do both at the same time. Life sometimes is hard and(at least me) always want to do everything myself and stress myself out when there is not need for it. How am I going to do this? By talking more to God, having a conversation with Him and just letting go of ways of thinking and doing, and by being a little selfish and taking care of myself.
Image result for clip art doodle arrow Apply to Grad school
I will graduate from college soon and my next stop is Grad school. As stressful and hard as Grad school can be with the GRE, personal essays, letter of recommendation, and choosing the universities you want to go to, it is something that I want to do. I want to expand my knowledge in other areas and hopefully be able to help others by taking this hard journey.
Image result for clip art doodle arrowExplore more
I live 20 minutes away from New York City and I don't explore it as much as I would like to, and mostly because I don't have as much motivation to do things outside of my comfort circle and that is why I want to change that one step at a time. I'm already making a list of places I want to visit and once I have visited them, I will share it with all of you (maybe it will be of helped).
Take me anywhere by Gal Ashkenazi:
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Image result for clip art doodle arrowCreate better content for this blog and maybe even create videos on Youtube
I want to create more content and with better quality. 2016 was a get-used-to phase and I hope that for this year, I can share better things here as well as, making videos of the journeys I hope to take during this month. Hopefully, a lot of you will be interested enough to come along with me on this journey.
Image result for clip art doodle arrow Make friends
I used to have amazing friends but as I have moved, I lost contact and the older I get the harder it has been for me to make new friends. As lame as it sounds, I don't have friends, and that is the sad truth. I have classmates but not friends whom you can call at night and talk about things that don't make sense, friends who you can be yourself with and not act as if you were someone else. This is going to be a long-term goal and I hope that by the end of 2017 I get to meet great individuals and call them friends.
2012Libelle Gezondheidsweken | Liekeland:
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Image result for clip art doodle arrowKeep a journal
I have always had a journal but I have never been serious about it and that is something that I want to change. I want to challenge myself to make an everyday entry on my journal, something that has interested me and I see a lot on Instagram are "Art Journals" and I think the format will fit me since I sometimes don't want to just write but doodle and paste things. 
/ art journals / tumblr / art / journal / writing / drawing / paint / color / write / express yourself / do art / create / be creative / washi tape / illustration / aesthetic / words / sketchbook / art life / watercolor / pen / ink / painting / paper / pages / spread / journal spread / mixed media / scrapbook / smashbook / collage / cut and paste / journal entries / artistic / polaroids / glue /:
Image from: @fireflyfiphie

Image result for clip art doodle arrowRead at least 2 books
I used to read lots of books before and it is one of the habits I loved the most. So, for January, I want to read at least two books and share it here with you by letting you know my opinions. I'm not sure what I will like to read about but if any of you have recommendations, leave them in the comments!

I hope I get to complete these goals and you get to complete your goals as well. Have a great day everyone!
P.S- songs I was listening to as I completed this blog post: The Other side, HoneybeeAntics, Sometimes, Lovesick Boys, & You Think I'm Crazy by Conan Gray--> check him out!


  1. Excellent ideas and goals for January, Love your website also. I especially like to journal and then re-read and see how I have changed my perception.


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