Ideas for Decorating a Small Bedroom

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My bedroom is small and I shared it with my brother, so when decorating and rearranging furniture it needs to be both functional and practical for the both of us. What we want to create is a room of comfort and practicality, which serves as both a small living room/bedroom/study room.

Pinterest: kindaclaudia ❁:                                     Turn an empty soda bottle into an adorable kitty plant planter for catnip, herbs, or even a cactus or succulent! Easy to make and so cute! // Salty Canary:                
Loft NY Cotton Rich Futon Cover in Grey ChevronRELAXING

We need a space to relax and distress from our 
everyday life. We currently have a sofabed, which
serves both as a couch for the day and a bed during the 
night. I still want to bring more color and I think
that buying a cover will be a great way of doing this
without breaking my budget.

Via (Original source not stated.) P.S. That's Jillian Harris from "The Bachelorette. She has a great site. Check it out!: ORGANIZATION
Having a small room requires for you to use the space
efficiently and not fill it with unnecessary furniture.
We currently have a tall bookshelf in our bedroom, which
we got at Walmart and has been a great addition. We have
lots of books but it needs to be better organize, so I
 research on Pinterest and I think I will do something
How To Decorate an Awkward Space with a Gallery Wall:                                 

like this for the bookshelf.

We recently painted our room and I didn't want to 
add anything to the walls until I figure out what
 to put on them. I want to use the walls as extra space
 and as a way of adding colors to the room by using
  photographs and paintings.


9 ideeën om te stelen van een Scandinavische slaapkamer - Roomed:
Johanna Bradford's beautiful home | scandinavian | love song | Bloglovin’:

** Photos were taken from Pinterest **

I still don't know what I would do for our bedroom, but through my little research on Pinterest and Ikea, I'm closer to finding the perfect design to make our bedroom a comfortable and practical one.

Hope you have an awesome weekend!


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