Creating with Leaves// Phase II: Developing the Project (Part 1)

How Can We Use Leaves?

For the second activity, we read Leaves by David Ezra Stein and learned that we could use leaves in different ways, just as the character of the book did and so our phase II began. The children used leaves as part of their material to create their art piece. We discussed in what ways we could use leaves and what we can create with them. The children's responses were added to our web map. As the children created their art piece, I went around the table asking them what they were creating and the answers vary from each group that I met during center time.

Some children were puzzled at first of what they were supposed to do with the leaves placed in front of them and in many instances, I had to tell them what to do. Yet, many of them were quite excited to be able to use leaves and were quick to choose their favorite leaves to create their art piece.

"This is a house"

"Falling leaves"

"Flowers, just like the ones at my house!"

"This is a hippopotamus!"

"This is princess Mimi dancing on the leaves"

"This is my soccer ball!"

"I'm making leaves falling down"

Because I was placed in a half-day Preschool program, I only completed each activity during center time and it was in some ways a more teacher-direct activity but I did listen to the children's conversation and interest and tried to incorporate them in each activity.


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