A Day in My Week #1

Since  I'm new at this blogging scene, I thought that instead of doing a hardcore blogmas like most bloggers do. I will just share pictures, to give you a glimpse into my week. These pictures are spread throughout the week.

Tuesday- Nov. 29

#1 Colorful self-portray- something different from the usual selfie.
#2 Photographic mistake-  picture of the floor with some leaves, the attempt at trying to vlog but I ended with this photo instead.
#3 Black and White- Waiting for the train. I'm always snapping a couple of pictures while on the train platform or on the train.

Wednesday- Nov. 30

#1- " As I Wait"- On the train platform, it was so cold on Wednesday.
#2- Creeping on People- I loved her outfit and hair, so I had to take a picture.

Thursday- Dec.1

#1 My attempt at the 'outfit of the day' kind of photo, but of course kind of failed at it. Well, who cares, I do like the photo tho.
#2 A photograph of the Administration building with fun colors- * Fun fact: this used to be the stable of the Kean family and it looks like a castle.
#3 Moving picture of flowers, as I walked to the train station
#4 Still Life: Waiting for my bus home

Friday Dec. 2

#1 7:20 AM Sunlight- I took this as I waited for the bus ( this will be a constant theme)
#2 3:20 PM Moody clouds- Waiting for the bus home
#3 "My Head in the Clouds"- The clouds were actually really gray, thank God it didn't rain.

Sunday Dec.4

#1 Christmas Tree on Fire- This is a work in progress, as late as it is but it still needs more lights!

Hope you had a great week!


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