Mother's Birthday

Today is my mother's birthday. 41 years old that is. She wakes up every day, around the same time and I can hear her through my doors moving from one side to another in our small apartment. She comes into my room, where my brother and I sleep, she gives us both a kiss and like that she leaves. We don't see her until the late evenings and every day she comes back from home I could see how pieces of her are falling down. She is good at putting a smile on her face and keeping strong but I know that she is tired, and yet she keeps moving on with the hope that one day she would finally rest. My mother is my inspiration, my best friend and years ago I would have felt embarrasses to say this but she is my one and only true friend,the person I could tell almost anything. She is funny, charming, beautiful, strong, and greatest of all she is my mother and for that, I will forever be grateful for her existence in my life. 

So, I write my first post in this blog to commemorate her forty-one years of life in this world; for which she has brought laughter, hope, strength, and love to every individual she has touch. Forever, I will be grateful to you and to God for giving me the best mother I could have ever dream of having.


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