10:16 AM// Morning Thoughts

Song: Lie by Madclown ft. Lee Hae Ri   & What2Do by Dean ft. Crush x Jeff Bernat

2016 is coming to an end... Although signs were given of the ending of a year that was full of ups and downs, for some strange reason it feels like it just crept on me. Time is something that I had always dislike because you don't notice it until you look back and realize that the memories, friends, moments have become fuzzier and hard to remember. Places, people, moments that you once cherished with all your soul are far away or gone and there is nothing to do, there is only the famous phrase of "move on" but move on from what? from what makes who you are? what has shaped you one way or another, how can you move on from that? when it will always be there. 

This year, I lost my great-grandmother and it changed everything for me. She was 95 years old and lived enough to see many changes in this world. She was an amazing storyteller and always full of life, an inspiration. As the days go by, those memories with her get fuzzier and interlock with others and at times it feels like I'm telling a story rather than recalling memories. That's what time does to you, everything becomes dreams from a far away life.

Thoughts that have come to me this morning that I thought I should post here. This year has been a learning experience, just like the others but this year I have come to realize the impact that our decisions, words, actions have on others. I wouldn't say that I am a selfish individual but some of my actions were selfish one way or another. Heck! the world has been so selfish this year and cruel at times. Our actions as minimal as we see them impact so much and the decisions we take for ourselves and others can either be great or damaging. I don't watch the news like I used to before because every time I put it on- pain, suffering, and death creeps out of it- not stopping ever, it's just one after the other and yes there has been great news, discovery, moments and I don't want to sound depressing or judgemental but it does get to you and the questioning begins- why is this happening? Why can't we see how greedy and unfair the system that we have created is, and how it has affected millions of life for years, decade, centuries! Can we really change things? Is it too late for us human beings to see the damage that we have caused for our brothers and sisters and the entire world- where do we go from here? And what can I do to make it better? That is all that I wish for 2017, for me and all of us to learn how to appreciate one another, our differences and similarities- to love and be loved and to give back to our communities and the world. 

I hope that all of you have an amazing day, wherever you are.


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