Sunday School #1

Topic: Jesus Bless the Children

I'm a Sunday School teacher at my church and I'm in charge of the group 5-8 years old. I love my little kids and love to make the lesson as fun as possible. I always tried to make the lesson shorts, to give them more time to work on craft and games activities.

For Sundays' lesson, we learn about how Jesus wants children to learn about God and the scripture and how He accepts us and loves us the way we are. For the lesson plan, I don't have a curriculum book with the different stories of the Bible. Instead, I use websites like Pinterest to find craft activities or Crafting The World of God, and for the lesson plan I either use " Hands on Bible Teacher" or "Ministry to Children". Those are the main resources, I don't use the curriculum or lesson plans word by word, instead, I accommodate it and make it age appropriate for my group.

For this lesson,due to limited time and the absence of children, I decided to show a short video from the Sabbath School Youtube channel. After we watching the video, each of the students read a verse of the Bible with regards to the lesson ( Marks 10: 13-16)  and then moved on to create a craft. The children made a puppet of themselves using brown paper bag, crayons, construction paper, and wiggly eyes. 

These are some picture of the children working on their puppet. After they were done with their puppets, they wrote down the memory verse of the week " Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these" Mark 10:14.


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