Bedroom Ideas

I am currently in the process of decorating my bedroom and I stumble into these beautiful inspiration feed on Pinterest.

I really love the idea of this lamp, I'm not sure where I will find something similar but it would fit really well with my room/ living room .
Pinterest: @rhandijae:

DIY Trinket Dish made with air-dry clay:
I really love those little earrings and rings holders. I tend to let my earrings in weird spots around my house, so having somewhere to put it will be nice, plus I have the habit of forgetting where I leave things on.
LOVE the colour of the frame, the rustic bench and the gold saying "It is well with my soul" beside it..:

In LOVE with this wall!!!!!:
My bedroom's walls are completely empty, so I think having some photographs and illustration up will make them more lively-like. 
DIY Home and Design:

I am looking to transform my bedroom, which I share with my little brother into some kind of a peaceful place for us to do our homework and relax. It's a small bedroom, so a minimalist kind of design is something that will fit well with the sizes and a touch of color will make it more us.

I hope you have enjoyed these beautiful pictures. All of these pictures were found on Pinterest.

Have a wonderful day!


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