The Woman in Gold

I visited the Neue Galerie, a museum of German and Austrian art in Fifth Avenue, New York. It holds painting from the famous Austrian painter, Gustav Klimt, among other Germans and Austrian painters and designers. However, the reason for my visit to the Neue Galerie, was to see the famous painting of Gustav Klimt, " The Woman in Gold", a portrait of Adele Bloch. Yet, I encourage you to see the painting after you watch the movie, which shares the same name. The movie tells the story of Adele Bloch's niece, Maria Altmann, a Jewish during the heights of the Nazi government in Austria and how the painting came to be at the Neue Galerie. I believe that after watching the movie, you will appreciate more the history and beauty of such exquisite painting. This is the type of painting that must be seen in person, in order to appreciate its details and beautiful color. It will be an experience, like no other.

The Neue Galerie offers a free admission on the first Friday of each month, so go and experience the beautiful paintings that they have. **Have in mind that photographs of the paintings of their collections is allow**. Check their website for more information.

I took pictures, of the little shop inside the Neue Galerie with posters of previews exhibitions, as well as items that fulfill the needs of art lovers like myself.

At the underground level, there is a wall which features German advertisements and a replica of the painting of  the "Woman in Gold", where you can take a quick picture.


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