Student Teaching- Week #3 " Blue"

Today was an awesome day! I had so much fun working with the children and learning a lot from the small conversation we had during center time. I felt more confident with myself and around the children. I was given the opportunity to read a book named, "Blueberry Hills" and at first I was so nervous with the morning group bu by the afternoon, I felt more confident and asked the children more questions.
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I felt this was a learning experience for the children and myself, as I learned that it's not just reading a book and called it a day but to immersed yourself in the book. Bringing the emotions of the characters and open-ended question in order to make a teachable experience for the children.

As the children rotate through their centers, I was able to learn so much from them. Our conversations vary depending on what they were making. The conversation were like this:
Me: What are you making F?
F: I'm making a snake, you see. It got different colors and its so long.
M: look! I'm making a necklace for my mommy. I think she is going to like it a lot. uhmm... I think, I need to make it longer. It's too short!
F: Do you know that chameleon change colors, Ms. Flores? It's called camouflage.
F: Ms. Flores, do you know all the President ? Lots of them are dead now.
This is just bits of conversation, I  had with different kid. I realize that four-year-old know much more than we give credit. Not only did I heard about their interest and explanation of what they were making, but I was able to hear the different level of oral language and vocabulary skills of each child. Some of the children were hard to understand at times and had limited vocabulary skills, while others were well above their classmates' level.
Four-year-old really love talking and I think that as time passes they will feel more comfortable with my presence in the classroom and ope-up way more to me than before and this week I experience just that.

For those out there that are either teachers, student teachers, and/or parents. How do you get to know your children and how do you use their interest for a learning experience? 


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