Creating with Leaves// Phase II: Developing the Project (Part 2)

Creating with Leaves

For the third activity, I set up a provocation with the book titled, Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert and a series of materials for the children to use. I will say that this activity was what really sparked the children's interest and brought many smiles and excitements. The activity began by reading Leaf Man and discussing the different things that the author created using the leaves and told them that was exactly what they will be doing!

I had the book on display for the children to use as a reference. For the materials, we use real and fake leaves, as well as other natural materials such as; a magnifying glass, pine corn, popsicles, among other things. The magnifying glass was provided because N* was interested in the "little lines" on the leaves that he noticed when we did the second activity. Since he was interested in the "little lines" on the leaves, I showed the children a diagram that shows the parts of the leaves and kept it on display. As the children work on their art piece, some of them were calling me to show me the parts of their leaves.

"This is the leaf man with a crown and pink bow and the blue part is his dress. 
I think he likes it !"-N

" I did a duck walking on the river. You see the blue circles is the water"-A

" This is me and I'm saying 'wheeee". The three leaves are trees with
flowers, I really like flowers."-A

" Look, Ms. Flores, it's a house made of leaves! You see the shapes, it got
a square, a triangle, and a rectangle. You see!"-M


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