Student Teaching Week #9

Monday (Nov. 28)

On Monday, school was canceled due to a flooding that happened during the weekend. Instead, I used this time to work on my Project Approach, which I will be posting sometime during this month. 

Friday (Dec. 2)

On Fridays, I have Kindergarten observation during the morning from 8:30-11:00 AM. I really love coming to this Kindergarten class, the children all have such a unique names and personalities (they can be a handful). I have learned so much from Ms. J and hope to follow in her steps. 

The picture above is a  collection of books Ms. J has been reading the children the past week. On Friday, they read Bear's Loose Tooth,, Ms. J first engage them into a conversation about loose tooth and going to the dentist to get those who don't usually participate as much in class get a chance to talk. After that, Ms. J  read The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey.  this is such a fun and silly book. I myself had always loved this series.

At 11 AM, I began my walk to the school I'm doing my Student Teaching. The kids have been learning about the letter 'B' and have been doing different activities. Today, we watch Corduroy,  the book was read on Thursday (Here is the direct link to part 1 and part 2 of the movie, if you are interested).  The children then worked on cutting Christmas lights for decoration and drawing their favorite animal, which Ms.L had ready for them. I, personally, was helping a couple of children who have difficulty cutting. To tell you the truth I love having a one-on-one with the children and letting them know that even if they are not getting the information or having difficulty in some areas that it is okay and we will work on it. It really makes a difference when as a teacher you make the student feel proud of the work they do and trust me cutting might seem like a simple task but it can be a dreadful one for a child that has difficulty with it.The best thing to do is to have patient and encouraged the child by helping and telling them that they are doing a great job.

I then read them, Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?. A simple, colorful and fun little book.

Image result for brown bear brown bear what do you see
Today's Student Teaching Week was a short and simple one but like every day, I learned something new. Been a teacher is not an easy task and it takes a lot. This experience that I get to work with the children, staff of the school and other teachers, really has helped me evolve professionally and personally and for that, I am so grateful

This is the Christmas tree at the Kindergarten Class. It is so cute!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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