November Youtuber Favorites

I wrote about my favorite Youtubers in this blog post and I thought since I have subscribed to new YouTubers to share my favorites for the month of November. The reason why I loved this Youtubers is because of the content of their channel, the aesthetic of it, and just overall they are such a great individuals. 

I literally stumble into her channel. She is an artist studying in Rhode Island and she usually shows outfit and beauty tips and her everyday life as a student in an art university. I love the aesthetic and simple editing and graphics in her video, so go and check her out!


I have been following them for a while now and they are so great. They are married couple living in Korea and they share their lives in South Korea. Their videos are short and simple, and I love the content. I love everything Korean related and getting glimpse of how it is there, is always rewarding for me.


Like CatCreature, I stumble into this channel and of course I had to subscribe. Natalie lives in South Korea as an English teacher and she tends to share about Korean fashion, culture, and daily life. She is really fun and I love her short but fun videos.

I hope you enjoy these channel and subscribe to them as well. I really like them, so share the love and hope you have a great week!


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