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Since I wrote about "My Top 5 Bloggers" is just natural to write about my favorite Youtubers. I have become kind of obsess with these Youtubers and it really makes my day whenever I watch a new vlog (can't sound weirder than that). Many of these bloggers are based in South Korea, which is at the top of my list of the places I want to visit. I love the Korean culture and that's one of the reasons why I watch many of these Youtubers and of course because they are awesome! 
I love everything about Joan, I found her through another Youtuber's vlog and have fall in love with her videos and its content. If you are interesting in beauty, fashion, makeup, and Korean culture, this channel will be for you.

Edward is such a funny individual, I love watching his makeup tutorials, and bits and piece of his daily life in South Korea.

I love Bridget, she is such a role model for me. As a future educator, this channel has really inspire me to be better and to be creative in the ways I teach my kids. If you are an educator, you defenetly need to check her out.

I have been a subscriber of this channel for a long time now and have seen how Jenn has grow her channel to the exceptional vlog that is now and I'm so glad that I found her back in 2010. 

I hope you like this short post and share the love for these Youtubers! Please share with me  your favorite Youtubers on the comments below.


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