Student Teaching- Week #5 " Learning from my Mistakes"

(This happened on the week of Oct.17 . I have been so busy that I haven't had the time to publish this post.) 

Today I felt like the first day again, in the sense of teaching the lesson. I was tired and nervous and not prepared to take the challenge of teaching the lesson. I wasn't aware of how important learning preschool songs was, I mean I knew these songs, but at the same time I didn't and I felt discouraged by it. Ms. L asked me to do the routine with the children and although I have been observing her for four weeks now and knew the routine and what to do, I froze and forgot what I was supposed to do. I felt discouraged by the fact that I couldn't do a simple task like that and felt that Ms. L was a bit disappointed. In the afternoon, it was a bit better, but I couldn't sing the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" song or read the book using the rhyme of the song either. I did ask the children to help me out and they were surprisingly happy to do so and that made me feel grateful to them, but I know that I need to prepare myself before I do  my student teaching experience. I'm not there to only observe but to also take charge of my performance as a future educator and learn from my mistakes, and I sure did learn from today's experience. I think that teaching involves more than loving to teach children, you need to know your content and feel confident. It's alright if once in a while you need to ask for help, even if has to be from your own children. If there is something that I learned today is that they are willing to help out and even excited to do so.
Although I felt discouraged and insecure, I learned that to be a better teacher, you must first evaluate yourself based on your performance and knowledge and then create a plan to deal with this and change or create a strategy to make the experience a learning one for both the students and yourself.

Image result for itsy bitsy spider book
If anyone is curious, this was the book that we used for the lesson. As an activity, we used black yarn to create a big spider wave, the children enjoyed this and we have lots of fun, even though I wasn't feeling so great about it.

I know that once in a while we all feel discouraged by our performances but I will like to know how you deal with it. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


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