Slow Down Breath & Live

As I waited for the train and listened to the music through my earphones, everything slowed down like a slow motion video. It all seem like one of those sad or memorable music videos, listening to the rain and the people passing by. I like always was the spectator, the observer of this grand musical play. Lost in between the sodden rhythm, lost in this peaceful world, everything seems important- every detail matter. I stopped caring and began to appreciate what was in front of me, the strangers, the industrial music of the trains passing by and the sodden music of the rain drops as it hit the railways.

Life is too short to waste in unnecessary thoughts, that only drives us to stress and sickness. Life should be about exploring, loving one another, giving and forgiving. I think that this world needs a lot of that, it needs love and compassion, it needs to be humble and stripped away from judging others for their skin color or religious belief. We all just need to love each other, because our differences are what makes us unique, interesting, lovable, it makes us learn and see the world thought the eyes of others-it makes life interesting! filled with ups and downs, regrets and success, it makes us grow and evolve in ways that we couldn't imagine.

So, take a moment. Breath, slow down and take a moment to notice your surroundings. I will bet that you will see something that you had no idea it was there, but it was. It was always there; you just didn't see.


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