SheIn Fall 2016 Picks

For today's blog, I will share my picks for this Fall from SheIn. SheIn is an online store that ships to the US, Europe, and China, they have really great clothing, styles and are affordable which is great for a college student.

This Fall, I have noticed that a lot of people are wearing dark colors with hints of pink, red velvet, and orange. My wardrobe has mostly dark colors because 'black' goes with everything. So, I thought "why not add some colors to it". Here are my top picks that are on my wishlist.

The Minimalist Look
For this look, as you can see I chose all black ( Shirt, jeans, shoes, cardigan) and added a bit of color with the backpack and choker. This is kind of a relax and casual look that you can wear for college or to go out.
Shop this look:
Black Cardigan $15- SheIn
Black T-Shirt $7.99- SheIn
Black Jeans $20- SheIn
Boots $51- WithChic
Choker $11- Miss Self Fridge
Backpack $14.99- SheIn

The Shinee "1 of 1" Inspire Look
This look has more colors and it is inspired by the Kpop group Shinee music video for the song "1 of 1" is a fun video and I love the colorful, kind of 70's style. I love the skirt with the cats and the backpack with the embroidered bird, it gives it a fun look to the outfit.

Shinee's video for "1 of 1"- (video is property of the Korean entertainment agency-SM)
Shop this look:
Skirt with Cats $21- SheIn
Choker $11- Miss Self Fridge
Backpack $14.99- SheIn
Black boots $42- SheIn

The Fall Look
This is a simple outfit with a bit of Fall color. I love overall dresses, I used to wear them when I was little and had been obsess with them ever since, I think the color of this dress gives it some life to this outfit. I love black clothing, so adding bits of color once in a while is always a plus.
Shop this look:
Crop Sweater $9.99- SheIn
Overall Dress $9.99- SheIn
Coat $48- SheIn
Black bag $ 17- SheIn
Boots $42- SheIn

I hope you like these three outfits, there are simple and casual to use for the Fall season. Check out for any of these pieces and have an amazing week. Share in the comments your favorite pieces!


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