Student Teaching- Week #7 " Halloween Week"

Friday, Oct. 28

As part of my Student Teaching experience, I have to observe a Kindergarten classroom for 20 hours during this semester. I love Ms.J so much that I have decided to visit her classroom for a longer period. I believe that the experience I will get with her is one-of-kind and I'm glad I was placed with such a great teacher.
This Friday, as part of the Halloween week Ms.J read a Halloween story named " The 13 Nights of Halloween" and use cut-out characters of the book for the children to act as she read the story. I was allowed to the take some pictures of the materials, as well of the reading they did as part of Jumpstar's Read for a Record and children's work.

Cut-out-puppets used during the read aloud activity.

Jumpstart's Read a Record book choice: The Bear Ate Your Sandwich by Julia Sarcone-Roach
These are some of the drawings made by the kids for a previous assignment that they had.
Drawing for Halloween: " I'm an Athletic Trainer"

"I'm a pumpkin".

Monday, Oct. 31

Today is Halloween and all the children came dress-up and were so excited to show us their costumes and talk about who they were dressing at. They all looked very cute and I loved the fact that they were so excited to go trick-or-treating, but I must say that this is the most tiresome day that I had experience as a student teacher so far. The morning class was super-excited and this whole excitement led to one of the student to vomit and w kind of lost control of the class, as some of the children wanted to show their costumes to the other teachers and children who were doing a little parade in the classroom to show their costumes and it just got a bit out of control. I now understand why Ms. L says that this is one of the craziest days at school!

Image result

As part of today's activity, Ms. L read the "Ten Timid Ghost" and used felt paper puppet as a visual aid.

Although, I don't celebrate Halloween myself, I was glad  to experience this day. It shows how things can get out of control due to other situation around the room and how as the teacher, you need to act quickly for the best interest of the students. The children were happy and enjoyed their time with their friends and I think that's all that matters. 

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