Student Teaching- Week #6 " A Day Full of Laughter"

(This happened on the week of Oct.24 . I have been so busy that I haven't had the time to publish this post.) 

Today, I introduced the color white by reading Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes by James Dean & Eric Litwin and singing the white song. It was a success from the song to the book,  the children were laughing and singing along, I tried to make the lesson as fun as possible by adding movement. During the reading, I did my best by singing the song in the book and although the children thought it was silly they truly enjoyed and laughed every time I sang it. The afternoon class even sang it with me and later throughout the day. I felt both happy and excited that they liked the lesson and learned from our small story sequencing activity and measuring activity, the children measured their lunch bags and other toys during snack and center time, which served as an assessment for myself and the students as I knew that they understood what was taught.

Cover art   
This is the activity I did for "Story Sequencing", I found it on Pinterest. It was originally a worksheet , so I decided to enlarge it for a more interactive activity. ( You can find the worksheet on my Preschool Lessons & Activities Board on Pinterest). 
This is the other activity I did, "Measuring objects".  I used two shoes for the children to compare by size and color and also did an activity by measuring each other, I had four children and with the help of the class, we order them by height. So, vocabulary words such as largest, medium, and smallest was use throughout the lesson.

Nothing makes you feel better than when a lesson goes as plan and when the children truly get and understand what you have taught and hear them talking about it during snack time and center time or even singing the silly song you made up to go with the book, it made me so happy and honor to be part of this class and have these children. This is a short conversation that I had with one of the students at the beginning of the day, that really marked the whole day for me and it's amazing what preschoolers do to you. Their smile, appreciation, and excitement to learn new things really fills you up and pushes you to create better lessons and activities that can motivate and create new experiences for them.

He smiled at me, such a sincere smile from a boy who is full of energy and knowledge at such a young age. They truly are my first class, I have come to love their mismatch personalities and made-up stories that sometimes doesn't make any sense but cracks you up. These children are exceptional and they tried their best in their own way. And, just like them, I have to try my best all the time to teach them, motivate them, inspire them, and create new experiences for them.


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